Published On: Thu, Dec 12th, 2013

Soup Nazi Style Condominium Management, What Exactly Sparked the Protest at Jade Winds?

By Joe Gabris, Urban Survivor News 12/9/2013

What Exactly Sparked the Protest at Jade Winds? Residents came out in droves to protest the parking policy and alledged mismanagement of Jade Winds Condominium Association. Jade Winds is located in Miami Gardens Section of Northern Miami. The

jade winds sign      Soup Nazi Management

association consisting of nearly 1,000 apartments is managed byDonna Mantin of Continental Management and has a history of tension. Micheal Wolok, the former President of the association told me that he had been ousted by a regime seeking to transform Jade Winds into a cash cow. Further allegations by Wolok and other concerned residents include:

  1. That the cash cow regime had approved assessments and budgets without following F.S. 718. F.S. 718 is the Florida Statute that governs how  Condominiums are managed and operated.
  2. Elections are stacked in favor of outside controlling interests and applications by qualified candidates are openly denied.
  3. That substantial funds were collected for capital improvement, most notably the Association Tower which could not be accounted for and which is now locked and off limits.
  4. Contractors were called in to repair roofs that were under warranty from previous roofing contractor who would repair defects free of charge.
  5. Unaccounted Parking fees where the amount reported is not logical
  6. Kickback schemes of insiders with towing company and other contractors
  7. Preferential non-bid contracts awarded to contractors who perform work without permits
  8. Discriminatory Parking Policy where those voicing disention over the regime and policies are singled out and charged up to $11 per day to park.
  9. Requests by owners for Financial Reports and Records are denied.

Rember the Soup Nazi? As long as the soup is good, well OK. But what exactly sparked the demonstation? Believe it or not an unassuming little elderly lady who wants to go to church on Sunday. In view of the support she told me in tears “God Bless America” While allegations remained only brewing the protest was sparked by a single elderly resident who residents came to rescue. The key resident requesting anonymity out of fear of further reprisal was denied Sacraments. But what is the connection?

In order to solve its’ parking issue problems, Jade Winds instituted a parking fee policy. The policy charges a fee to non-residents and residents in poor standing. The policy which allegedly has become a run-a-muck and unaccountable cash cow, however violates American Disabilities Act. The policy  places a time limit for clergy performing Sacraments and Services for the Elderly and/or Disabled. A frustrated priest attending the 12/9/2013 protest stated; “Ministry is a lifelong process, and delivery of Sacraments to infirmed of homebound disabled is often a day long process. Placing 15 minutes to cover the 30 acre complex is absurd and unconsionable”. The most notable victims of the policy cannot otherwise attend Religious Services and maintain religious order required for rights of passage.

But wait theres more. To further  insult intelligence is that it is also alleged that ambulances must stand in line and are required to pay a fee. Finally, residents and protestors claim that elected officials as well as DBPR aware of the multifaceted problem have turned a deaf ear.

What exactly is the solution? As one resident explained; “This aint Maggies Farm, we are madder then Hell, and we ain’t going to take it anymore. This roving reporter will stay tuned into the matter and keep you also informed.

Joe Gabris, Publisher USN

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  1. Great story. I am a unit owner here and have created a blog to address the issues occurring here at the Jade Winds. Please check it out, follow, comment, and share please.

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